• STEP 2:  What's Your Main Fitness Goal? (options below ... Step 3 link at bottom of page)

Injury mitigation and/or rehabilitation

Sore back? Aching knees? Limited range of motion? Ultimately, you're looking for pain relief and perhaps, to return to daily activities. So, when it comes to areas of discomfort, PhysiCore trainers don't focus solely on the point of impact, rather we take a more encompassing approach, with the understanding how your body's anatomy is inter-connected. No sense in "treating" a knee, only to have a foot and hip issue, that's perhaps even causing the knee discomfort.


body composition

It's not just what the scale reads. Measuring progress can be about the fit of your clothes, risk reduction of cardiovascular disease, or changing the balance between muscle and fat. With a reasonable approach to defined goals and few, if any, physical/health limitations, your PhysiCore personal trainer will design a program that typically includes resistance, anaerobic and areobic conditioning exercises. PS. We promise, you won't "bluk up".


strength / functional training

With direction from your PhysiCore personal trainers, you'll progress through routines that incorporate full-body movements, with a focus on exercises with a direct correlation to real-world applications. Instructed through sessions that includes pull, push and twist movement patterns, you'll be well on your way, to fitness for daily living.


You're pregnant, or recently delivered (Congratulations!)

Exercising while pregnant can help to alleviate some of the common discomforts of pregnancy, like swelling, low back pain, and sleeplessness. We work together to strengthen and stretch the parts of the body affected by pregnancy and childbirth.


Golf fitness conditioning

Golf fitness exercise via a Titleist certified, golf specific fitness program designed to correct your mobility and stability physical limitations, which may be causing you to currently play a shorter and painful game.


Event Goal (5k, obstacle-mud run, wedding, vacation, etc)

PhysiCore certified trainers have had clients with a variety of goals ... horse riding competitions, hiking Machhu Picchu, school reunions ... and with each one, it's an individualized approach, so while it's easy to make a recommendation online, let's have a conversation about your timeline and resources.