Pilates in Wilmington, Greenville, Hockessin, Pike Creek, Newark Delaware


The foundation of STOTT PILATES™ and key to performing the exercises safely and effectively. They show you how to breathe properly and position your body through the exercises.

  • Restore balance and stability in muscles and joints
  • Mat work with bands, fitness circle and other accessories
  • Use of Reformer, Stability Chair, Arc Barrel and other accessories

It's important to start any exercise in a position that's tension-free. If tension exists before starting, too much stress will be created on joints and/or muscles, once movement begins.


This doesn’t mean complete relaxation, though. For example, when lying on your back with pelvis and spine neutral, a slight activation of the muscles will be necessary to maintain pelvic, rib cage and spinal placement.

After learning STOTT PILATES™ Basic Principles, you will be on the way to achieving a neutral, tension-free position. You will be more aware of your body, and will start to carry yourself differently. You may even stand a little taller!

Are you ready to see the Five Basic Principles of PILATES?