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trainers you can trust, with national certifications

  • STOTT Pilates
  • Titleist Performance
  • American Council on Exercise
  • MY TPI Pro
  • American Heart Association


STOTT Pilates, American Council on Exercise, Titleist Performance Institute

PhysiCore trainers are committed to providing the most professional and comprehensive training programs. To that end, we have obtained our certifications from some of the most rigorous and exclusive training programs available.

STOTT Pilates:
STOTT PILATES incorporates modern exercise principles, including contemporary thinking about spinal rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement. For example, some approaches may promote a flat back, whereas STOTT PILATES exercises are designed to restore the natural curves of the spine and re-balance the muscles around the joints, placing more emphasis on scapular stabilization. As well, there are more preparatory exercises and modifications to cater to many different body types and abilities, making it applicable to everyday life.


American Council on Exercise:
The American Council on Exercise’s Personal Trainer Certification is designed for fitness trainers providing one-on-one or small-group fitness instruction.

The ACE Personal Trainer Certification is continually evaluated and updated to ensure that it includes the most current research in exercise science and keeps today’s fitness professionals ahead of the competition. Upon successful completion of the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam, our staff demonstrated knowledge of risk factor screening, fitness assessment, nutrition, exercise science, exercise programming and appropriate progressions, instructional and spotting techniques, lifestyle modification and professional scope of practice.

Titleist Performance Institute: PhysiCore’s Performance Golf Training Program is at the forefront of golf specific training and is Titleist Performance Institute certified. Titleist has always been a leader in the golf industry and their golf fitness training program is no exception. Anyone who has experienced this comprehensive program, that Titleist once reserved for only the best players in the world, can attest to its unmatched quality and effectiveness.