personal training in Wilmington, greenville, hockessin, pike creek, newark delaware


Personal Training format

  • Functional resistance with phase-based planning
  • Mobility, stability and balance
  • Optional consultation of fitness habits

Training at the PhysiCore studios is a unique experience, different from the MegaMall Gym up the street. PhysiCore Certified Trainers genuinely care about you and your needs and aren’t interested in selling you on anything but training services. We will always give you the attention and privacy you deserve and be respectful of you and your valuable time. Whether you decide to train as an individual, in a group setting or in a class, you will love the PhysiCore “One Trainer at a Time” principle. The Trainer and the Studio are yours alone for your session so … no waiting for equipment … no listening to trainers talk to one another about pay day … no distractions from gym members … no pressure for appearances … no reason not to try it out!


The choice is yours ...

  • No mirrors
  • No bare midriffs
  • No judgements

Above all, we aren’t going to leave you when times are tough. Our Trainers are career oriented professionals and fitness is our passion. Once you're a client, you become part of the PhysiCore Phamily (woops, that should be Family) and we will always be a resource for you, even if you decide to work out on your own. We strive to establish solid, long-term relationships with our clients, whether they are visiting us weekly or monthly or just checking in occasionally. Our approach has been working since 1991, with hundreds of clients who can call our studio “Home”. We hope to welcome you soon, too.