What is Pilates, anyway?

The method was developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany, during WWI, and introduced in the United States in the 1920s. It was designed as a way to stretch and strengthen the body, originally for rehabilitation. Today, more people are learning that flexibility, strength, and balance of muscles, can not only rehabilitate, but also help to avoid injury and improve overall fitness for life and sport. Improved balance, posture, breathing patterns and body awareness as well as bone and joint health are only some of Pilates’ many benefits. Give it a try today!

Five Basic Principles of STOTT PILATES

  1. Breathing
  2. Pelvic Placement
  3. Rib Cage Placement
  4. Shoulder Stability
  5. Head and Neck

PhysiCore Certified/Specialty Services:

Personal Training
Performance Golf
RSX Junior Performance Training

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Your reward for adapting healthy habits is a body you can live in for many long, fit years. Even if we identify our fitness objectives as “lose weight”, “gain muscle”, or “increase energy”, the overall goal is to have a better quality of life.

You can improve your life through a solid foundation and balance of each of the components of fitness – cardiovascular, muscular, flexibility, and body composition. On the road to a fit body, you can also benefit by reducing stress, elevating your mood and increasing your self-esteem.

You've made the first step to better health and fitness by inquiring about PhysiCore. You are becoming responsible for improving the quality of your life. - Jessica G. Ramsey

Fitness from the Inside, Out.

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Performance Golf Training Programs:
PhysiCore's Performance Golf Training Program is at the forefront of golf specific training and is Titleist Performance Institute certified. Titleist has always been a leader in the golf industry and their golf fitness training program is no exception. Anyone who has experienced this comprehensive program, which Titleist once reserved for only the best players in the world, can attest to its unmatched quality and effectiveness.

Golf Specific Functional Screening Test:
Our golf specific functional screening process enables us to determine how your body is working throughout your golf swing. This program evaluates all areas of the body and all golf specific movement patterns. For years, these functional screens have been used only with Titleist Tour Players and are now available to the public. Once limitations are diagnosed, we correlate these findings with the 2D analysis to determine your limitations and prescribe a program that attacks your swing characteristics.

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Youth Junior Fitness PhysiCore's exclusive Ready. Set. XPLODE ! Junior Performance Training program:

  • Focus on Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
  • Develop Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Establish Functional Movement Patterns
  • Encourage Fundamental Sport Skills
  • Create a Love for the Game, Process & Fitness