Junior Athlete Performance Training - policies and program overview

Tuition Policy
Tuition is a fixed, non-refundable rate of $749 per RSX Quarterly Class. There is a one-time non-refundable enrollment fee as noted below. Due at registration will be the enrollment and quarterly session reservation fees.


  1. Session Dates/Required Enrollment Fees:
    • 1st (first) business day of the month of each annual quarter (example - Jan thru Mar, Apr thru May, etc).  One (1) weekly, 45 minute session in the Greenville studio location = $39 enrollment reservation
  2. Included in Session Enrollment
    1. Studio reservation (Example: Classes are limited to 6 spots; therefore, your enrollment secures one of these. Private or semiprivate studio time is secured in the same manner, with the private/semi-private rate additionally applied. Ask a PhysiCore trainer for private and semi-private junior rates)
    2. Initial RSX graded fitness assessment (re-assessments = $85)
    3. Exclusive RSX performance silicone wrist band based on assessment, similar to belt system used in martial arts practice. 10 total levels, based on up to 20 movement patters (balance drills, reverse crunches, etc)

Make-up Policy

Families are responsible for the full session’s tuition, regardless of attendance. Individually missed classes are nontransferable and will not be applied to the next session. If a class is missed, the athlete has an opportunity to make up the session, based on the instructor’s availability, within a 2 week time span. Please call for a possible reschedule.

Missed Classes and Session Termination
There are no refunds for missed classes. One month’s written notice prior to terminating enrollment is required or full session tuition will be charged. We cannot accept verbal cancellations. The family will receive a pro-rated reimbursement for the remaining classes. At the discretion of PhysiCore staff, cancellation of a junior’s session reservation may be enforced, for reasons such as extended absenteeism, disorderly/inappropriate conduct or other unspecified reason(s), to ensure the safety of other juniors, success of their training and progress through the RSX program. A pro-rated refund of the session, minus a 10% processing charge will be applied.

Our trainers all have children. We understands issues come up and will make every effort to accommodate schedule requests, for the mutual success of your junior and the RSX program.

Class Procedures
All RSX classes are 45 minutes. Each session starts on time. We need the athletes to be there and ready for warm-ups promptly. Parents are welcome to stay and watch from one of our seated areas. Comments regarding your own child are welcome, but please refrain from correction of other juniors. Coach Ramsey is happy to discuss junior progress and answer questions.

Food and drink
Water is the beverage of choice at the PhysiCore studio. No sodas, sports drinks or concentrated fruit juice. Junior athletes should come to practice with at least a 10-ounce bottle of water (refills available onsite). Small snacks are allowed, too. Trail mixes, fruit and “breakfast bars” are acceptable. Candy and snack-cakes are not permitted. All food and drink are to be consumed on the non-training surface.

Safety of the athletes is one of our primary concerns. We have taken and will continue to take every precaution to ensure that safety is a focus; however, training is athletic and injuries may occur. All PhysiCore studio instructors are certified in CPR. We have a first aid kit available and will address cuts, scratches bumps and bruises. If your athlete has a condition that requires extra care, such as asthma or Type-1 diabetes, please send them to practice with the appropriate equipment and instructions on how the athlete should use the equipment. If you need to be there to check your athlete and administer medicine, we are comfortable with your presence and oversight. Athletes will be able to put inhaler-spacers, insulin needles and other medical supplies in our studio during the session. Please provide your athlete with a labeled bag with his or her name on it if they bring anything into the facility. Athletes will not be allowed to share aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen or other pain management pills. Our coaches must have written permission from you to give them medicine if they ask for it.

The next step for your junior:

RSX MISSION: To ensure a lifetime of sport-participation and enjoyment, PhysiCore’s training process creates a fun environment for competition, a junior-focused understanding of training and practice and appreciation of fitness through creative activities, open dialogue and positive motivation.