Junior Athlete Performance Training - the coach

The kids call him “Coach Ramsey”. He’s consistent, focused and motivational, but treats each session with the same back-end approach… make sure the kids are having productive fun!

Coach Ramsey focuses on the following for your junior athletes:

  • Creating healthy habits, showing youth and juniors that exercise isn’t boring.
  • Educating juniors about the “Play it Safe” philosophy… we don’t “push” through repetitions, work through acute pain or use resistance beyond our experience.
  • Showing juniors alternative movement patters to traditional bench press, squat and bicep curl exercises… all to get the same or better results.
  • Motivating each child by establishing short and/or long term goals that help drive focus for each session, as well as throughout a season.

about Shawn

Shawn’s experience with youth starts back in his experience at the Wilmington Central Branch YMCA, providing water safety instruction and supervision to inner-city youth..

He’s coached high-school boys Volleyball at St. Marks and for years, worked in the Avon Grove Youth NFL Flag Football league (Divisions 4 and 3, ages 6 through 11) as Head Coach and Division Director and is Delaware’s first Titleist Certified Junior Coach.

This is a three level education course designed to give Shawn the ability to identify and overcome any physical restrictions that are limiting your child’s potential. Each level features the latest in youth golf-specific health and fitness, from golf swing biomechanics, to physical screening techniques, to exercise prescriptions, to the most recent research and development in the field of golf swing analysis.

Shawn has cleared all annual background checks to handle junior responsibilities and create a successful environment for youth sports skills development.

What the parents are saying

“Admittedly, we’re probably harder on our kids, than parents of kids in other sports, but Coach Ramz has made each session something to look forward to for my boys, while helping them get better at the game too. We feel lucky to have him in their junior golf program.”.
Xiao S.- Landenberg, PA

“In four seasons, our son has learned more about sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game of football than we could have ever imagined. We’re asking each year for Coach Ramz to be our son’s head coach.”
John F. – Landenberg, PA

“It’s obvious Shawn understands how different children respond to different forms of motivation. Our daughter is more focused and confident in her volleyball league and even social setting after his instruction. Thanks Shawn!”
Jess C. – Oxford, PA

The next step for your junior:

RSX MISSION: To ensure a lifetime of sport-participation and enjoyment, PhysiCore’s training process creates a fun environment for competition, a junior-focused understanding of training and practice and appreciation of fitness through creative activities, open dialogue and positive motivation.