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Golf Specific Fitness Exercises

Golf fitness via a Titleist certified, golf specific fitness program designed to correct your mobility and stability physical limitations, which may be causing you to currently play a shorter and painful game.

What is the PhysiCore Performance Golf Training program?
It’s a Titleist certified, golf specific fitness program designed to correct your mobility and stability physical limitations, which may be causing you to currently play a shorter and painful game

In any single golf swing, any/all of the 12+ golf swing fault characteristics are likely to occur more than 30% of the time. Instruction from the PhysiCore Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Fitness Golf Instructor will focus on correcting your mobility and stability limitations. The Titleist Performance Instruction is designed to…

• Minimize the negative effects on ball direction and distance resulting from the swing faults (characteristics), via golf specific performance training
• Reduce the possibility of short and long-term injuries from golf specific swing characteristics
• Help you play longer, play farther, play with less pain, and play to the top of your game


Titleist Performance Institute Golf Swing Philosophy
We don’t believe there is one way to swing a club; we believe there is an infinite number of ways to swing a club. But we do believe there is one efficient way for all golfers to swing a club and it is based on what the player can physically do.

Golf Specific Functional Screening Test
Our golf specific functional screening process enables us to determine how your body is working throughout your golf swing. This program evaluates all areas of the body and all specific movement patterns. For years, these functional screens have been used only with Titleist Tour Players and are now available to the public. Once limitations are diagnosed, we correlate these findings with the 2D analysis to determine your limitations and prescribe a program that attacks your swing characteristics.

Your Golf Exercise Program
Combining the information from your physical limitation analysis and your functional movement screen enable us to prescribe a program that is customized to your specific needs. Using the workout builder software within the Titleist TPI Pro website gives us the ability to provide you with a workout that’s easy to administer, simple to follow, and produces the maximum results in the most efficient manner. Upon starting your workout you will have access to your workout at the MyTPI website for 18 custom sessions. With your access to the site you will have the ability to view pictures and video of all your exercises, chart your progress, and even set email workout reminders. Upon completion of the first 18 sessions you will be encouraged to be re-tested in order to enable us to make the proper adjustments to your workout program.

The PhysiCore Performance Golf Training program is designed to work in conjunction with a golf pro at your local course. Their expertise can be combined with the golf-specific training you’ll receive from your Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Professional.

Kinematic Sequencing in the Performance Golf Training program:

  • Lower Body > Thorax > Arms (lead) > Club (shaft)
  • Efficient versus inefficient (towel example)
  • Efficiency breakdowns
    • Poor mechanics – video swing analysis to isolate mechanical breakdowns
    • Poor conditioning – physical screen to isolate body limitations
    • Poor equipment – club fitting to determine specifications
  • Keys to ball striking
    • Properly ordered kinematic sequence – key to consistency and accuracy
    • Good segmental stabilization – key to power
    • Center face, square face contact

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Performance Golf Training from PhysiCore

PhysiCore’s Performance Golf Training Program is at the forefront of golf specific training and is Titleist Performance Institute certified. Titleist has always been a leader in the golf industry and their golf fitness training program is no exception. Anyone who has experienced this comprehensive program, that Titleist once reserved for only the best players in the world, can attest to its unmatched quality and effectiveness.

It’s about the mobility and stability necessary to drive the ball the distance you want it to travel. It’s about the core strength to play without pain. It’s about the challenge of the game you enjoy so much and how golf fitness makes it even better.

And sure we’re competitive… so if you’d like to invite us out on the course for a demonstration, we’re happy to accept your offer to pay for the round. Just remember, we promised farther, not necessarily straighter.

Learn about PhysiCore’s golf fitness training philosophy.

The PhysiCore Performance Golf Training program is designed to identify and overcome any physical restrictions that are limiting your golf potential. Our TPI certification features the latest in golf-specific health and fitness, from golf swing biomechanics, to physical screening techniques, to exercise prescriptions, to the most recent research and development in the field of golf swing analysis… all conducted by the experts from the Titleist Performance Institute’s Health and Fitness Advisory Board.

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