Client Policies

(Updated 01/01/2019)

Clean. Private. Professional.

The advantages of the PhysiCore Personal Training and Pilates Studio.

  • Professional grade STOTT Pilates apparatus

  • Commercial Personal Training Equipment

  • Lots of extra toys like bands, balls and dumbbells

  • Complimentary towel usage

  • Thick, comfortable mats for your use

  • Antiseptic cleaning of all equipment between sessions

  • And probably most important… It’s You and the Trainer. No other clients in the studio.

    A truly private training experience.

    Session Format

    • Private:  55-minutes in length for full or 30-minutes for half sessions; format of your choice

    • Semi-Private: 

      • 55- or 30-minutes in length; preset format; based on the needs of both participants

      • 55-minute sessions become established with regular attendance by both participants for four or more consecutive weeks. Once established, if a partner plans to miss a session, the semi-private rate will be charged if the remaining participant is open to another partner for that session.  We will look for a suitable partner for you.  Half Semi-Private sessions must have both participants present for the shared rate to apply.

      • If one partner is consistently absent from scheduled sessions, the PhysiCore Trainer may ask the remaining partner to convert the slot to a private session with the applicable rate difference applied unless the partner is present. 

    • Group: 

      • Three to five participants on a regular basis; 55-minutes in length in a preset format.  If the scheduled Group consistently has just two participants, the Trainer may ask that the remaining participants convert the slot to a Semi-Private session with the applicable rate change. 

    • Class: 

      • Held in a preset format and number of weeks.  Duration of the class session and the length of each class will be presented in advance.  Make up classes are not always offered. 

      • Spots in classes are reserved in advance with prepayment; refunds are not given within 7 days prior to the start of the session.  Drop-ins are permitted when space allows.


    • Cancellations via phone call to your Trainer are required 18 hours prior to the start of your session in order to not be charged 100% of the session rate.

    • Due to potential complications, email or text notifications are insufficient for cancellation unless your Trainer acknowledges receipt prior to the appropriate window. 

    Refunds and Credits

    • Given with a physician’s note (minus a 5% processing charge), stating you are unable to continue with any fitness or wellness program

    • Packages and unused funds will be held for a maximum of 6 months after your last session

    • If a package is not completed, the used sessions will revert to the single session rate prior to any refunds or studio credits being given, even for use towards other formats (i.e. Private to Group).

    Reservation and Payment

    • If you have not been consistent with attendance for your reserved time, the slot may be offered to other clients, at the discretion of PhysiCore Trainers and Owner. 

    • If you plan to be out for more than 14 days, you are welcome to pay your session fee in order to secure your slot(s).  Otherwise, your preferred time is not guaranteed upon your return.

    • Checks and cash are preferred; we also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Amex. 

    • A credit/debit card must remain on file and authorized for late cancel and no-show billing.

    • Credit/debit cards will be automatically charged on the 10th day of the following month for overdue invoices, even when a check is normally provided.

    Studio Closure and Coverage

    • Our studios are open by appointment only. 

    • You will be notified of closures due to Holidays and inclement weather. 

    • If your Trainer is unavailable for your scheduled session, every attempt will be made to arrange coverage by another highly qualified PhysiCore Trainer.


    • Please remain in the lobby or hallway until your Trainer retrieves you for your session.

    • Please do not begin any exercise, including warming-up, while outside of the suite.

    • Please be respectful of other tenants in the building with your cell phone usage and conversations.

    Thank you for your support!

We appreciate you and your business. Thank you so much for joining us! Small businesses prefer cash, checks, or debit.